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Join teachers from Wickham Works for four weeks of arts workshops tailored for mature adults, family members, and caregivers, welcoming individuals of all skill levels. These engaging sessions aim to ignite enthusiasm and active participation through music, art, and craft activities. Led by talented teaching artists, each session features a diverse range of hands-on activities. Choreographer and dance instructor Linda Mensch, Director of Movco Dance, along with musician and conductor David Dworkin, creator of Conductorcise, kick off the session with a dynamic 15-minute music and movement segment. Following a brief intermission, participants reconvene for an hour-long art or craft project guided by Jenny Torino, an artist and Registered Dietitian experienced in adult and developmental challenge programs, and Beth Laule, a seasoned artist, educator, and scenic craftsperson. All activities are adaptable for seated participation and cater to varying skill levels.

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