The Library Board of Trustees is comprised of seven members elected by the residents of the Warwick Valley Central School District.  Board members serve a term of five years.  The Board of Trustees meets monthly at the Library on the fourth Tuesday at 7:00pm.  The public is welcome to attend.

Mark Damia, President (current term:  2020-2025)
Nora Aman-Gurvich, Vice President (current term:  2020-2025)
Regina Wittosch, Financial Officer (current term:  2018-2023)
Colleen Larsen, Secretary (current term:  2019-2024)
Mary Berrigan (current term:  2021-2024)
Barbara Johansen (current term:  2022-2027)
Dr. Wayne Rossi (current term:  2021-2026)