Albert Wisner Public Library Exhibit and Display Policy

Library Mission Statement

The Albert Wisner Public Library is the community's favorite place to meet, to learn and to discover.  The Library daily connects people to each other and to the world.

The Albert Wisner Public Library provides exhibit and display areas consistent with its mission, programs, and services. The Library develops exhibits and displays on a regular basis to promote the use of its collection and to highlight its diversity; to bring attention to special or under-used aspects of the collection; to make it easy to find information on topics of current issue; to celebrate special occasions.  Not-for-profit groups and individuals may use the Library’s exhibit and display areas for educational, artistic, or cultural materials in accordance with the following provisions.  This policy shall be attached to and made part of any request to display.

Failure to comply with any part of this policy may result in denial of future exhibit and display privileges.


Library use of any exhibit and display areas takes precedence in scheduling. Two (2) weeks' notice will be provided to exhibitors in the event a Library use will preempt a scheduled user. All exhibits and displays must be approved by the Library Director or his/her appointed designees. Requests must be submitted on an Exhibit and Display Application and will be considered in the order in which they are received. Upon acceptance of the application, exhibitors will receive a set of exhibit procedures covering the time before, during, and after the exhibit. The Library will preview a representative sample of the work to be shown prior to granting permission to exhibit or display.

Factors considered in the approval process include:
• consistency with Library’s mission
• relevance to and consistency with community needs, interests and standards
• quality of presentation
• space requirements
• timeliness

The Library reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit or display. The Library reserves the right to limit the size, number, and placement of items; the schedule of any display; and the frequency with which an individual or group may have an exhibit or display.  Exhibitors are responsible for the installation and removal of their displays with the supervision and approval of the Library. Exhibits or displays that are not removed on or prior to the date established by the Library will be removed by the Library. Any expense for such removal will become the responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibits cannot in any way disrupt the normal routine of the Library. Artists displaying their work may post their prices and contact information. The Library is not responsible for the sale of art work.


In order to provide equitable access to exhibit and display areas, non-Library exhibits and displays may remain for no more than twenty-eight (28) days. Groups may reserve a specific area for one (1) twenty-eight (28) day period annually.  Individual artists may reserve a specific area for one (1) twenty-eight (28) day period every two (2) years.

The Library reserves the right to cancel any exhibit or display if a Library event/program needs the area. The Library will provide two (2) weeks' notice and will waive or refund any fees and/or extend the rescheduled dates. Exhibitors must provide two (2) weeks’ notice of any cancellation in order to avoid the loss of fees.


There is a fee of $25.00 for each exhibit or display, to be paid within 1 week of application approval.


Works of art on display at the Library may be offered for sale, provided that the artist has agreed beforehand upon a specified percentage of all proceeds to be donated to the Library. This percentage will be set by the Library Board and reviewed annually. Prices will be established by the artist. The artist is responsible for conducting the sale of any work directly with the purchaser, not through the Library staff. Works that are not for sale must be clearly designated “NFS” (Not For Sale). Works sold must remain on exhibit throughout the designated period.


The Library assumes no responsibility for the possible damage, destruction, or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. All items placed in the Library are there at the owner’s risk. Exhibitors must sign a release form before any items can be displayed or exhibited. (See Exhibit and Display Release form.) It is recommended that exhibitors verify their insurance coverage with their carriers prior to the installation.

Non-Library exhibits and displays do not reflect or imply endorsement or advocacy for any point of view by the Library. The views expressed implicitly or explicitly in any exhibits and displays are those of the individuals or groups using the space.


Please visit the Library and speak with Siobhan O'Riordan (weekdays, 9:00am-5:00pm) to discuss your idea for an exhibit, to agree on a mutually-convenient month for your exhibit, and for you to fill out the necessary application paperwork. 


Updated: 6/23/2021
Effective: 1/1/2010
Board Adopted: 8/18/09