Albert Wisner Public Library—Policy for Posting of Materials in Designated Areas of the Library
1.    Community Events and Information Bulletin Boards—Main Floor and Outside Children’s Room
Purpose:  The Community Events and Information Bulletin Boards are designed to announce events or share information of general cultural interest pertaining to activities involving literature, art, music, drama and related areas taking place in Warwick and surrounding communities, subject to the following guidelines:
•    All material for posting/display must be submitted to Library staff for approval.  Staff will date and initial material that is approved.  In cases where staff is unable to determine whether the material is appropriate, the Library Director will make the final decision. 
•    Notices will be posted by Library staff in designated areas.  Notices must not be posted on walls, furniture or windows, nor left on other surfaces in the Library.  The Library reserves the right to remove, without prior notice, any material improperly displayed.
•    Material will be posted/displayed for 30 days.
•    All items will be recycled once removed, or if they are not suitable for display.
•    Only one copy of a notice will be permitted for posting.  However, multiple copies of newspapers, flyers or brochures will be permitted if they meet all other requirements, and as space permits.
•    Material with price charges/admission fees may be accepted, but not those announcing events intended to make a profit for an individual or commercial enterprise.  (Such materials may be posted on the Library’s Community Classifieds Bulletin Board and the Slat Wall Display outside the Children’s Room; see guidelines below.)
•    Religious and political materials are permissible for general information purposes; materials that have the primary intention of proselytizing for a single point of view will not be displayed.
•    Posting of material does not imply Library endorsement.

2.    Community Classifieds - Main Floor and Slat Wall Display Board Outside Children’s Room
Purpose:  The Community Classified Bulletin Board and the Slat Wall Display Board outside the Children’s Room are made available to announce services and events that are of general interest to the community subject to the above posting guidelines. The following exceptions are made for the Community Classifieds and Children’s Slat Wall Display Board:

•    Community Classifieds Bulletin Board (Main Floor):  material with printed charges that support an individual or commercial enterprise will be accepted if it meets the other stated guidelines; it is subject to all other provisions of this policy.   Size limit for materials posted here is 8.5 x 11 inches.

•    Slat Wall Display Board outside the Children’s Room:  material for posting here must pertain to educational and recreational pursuits in the Warwick region.  All schools and organizations should be properly licensed.  All material for display must be given to the Library staff at the Children’s desk for review and approval.  Individuals providing services for children and their families may display information on the Community Classified Bulletin Board on the main floor. 

[Policy adopted by the AWPL Board of Trustees 6/19/2012]