Albert Wisner Public Library strives to introduce to the community new and emerging technologies, both to inspire creativity and learning and to provide access. The Library's 3D printer is now available for library patrons to have three-dimensional objects printed for a small fee, using a design uploaded from a digital computer file.

This policy establishes guiding principles for the public's use of the Library’s 3D printer.  If you would like to have an item printed on the Library's 3D printer, please review these guidelines and procedures to familiarize yourself with our process and to download the project submission form.  Please either print the form and bring it to the Library, or email it as an attachment to:  warref@rcls.orgThe cost for printing is $2.00 per hour of printing.

Please be aware that our 3D printer is a model best suited for hobbyists, and as such may not be able to accurately print highly precise or small parts such as those for computer and engineering projects. Please expect a higher chance of slight imperfections the more complex your 3D model is.


    3D Project Submission Form

Recommended online software programs for designing your own item(s) are:  Blender, Autodesk123D and Tinkercad.  To find existing 3D designs to print, we recommend exploring Thingiverse.  We also have a collection of materials about 3D printing.

The Library's MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer is made possible by a generous gift to the Albert Wisner Public Library Foundation by Donna Applegate and Jonah Mandelbaum.