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What’s it like to be a school nurse? A tour guide? A farmer? A firefighter? A plumber? A community volunteer?

Over the last few years, we have come to appreciate what each of us does on a daily basis in a new way, but what are each other’s days really like?  At these casual gatherings, three local residents will have 10 or 15 minutes to describe what occupies their days, followed by questions from the audience. Refreshments will be served.


Kevin Anthony Ryan, Okey Dokey the Clown

Kevin has been a professional clown for more than 20 years. He created the character Okey Dokey and eventually opened his own children’s entertainment company. Originally an “actor/waiter,” Kevin recently returned to acting/screenwriting, but he continues to love performing as a clown and keeping the children laughing.

Suzyn Barron, President, Warwick Valley Humane Society

Suzyn has managed the daily shelter operations and been an Animal Control Officer since 2000.  Her responsibilities are varied, including fund raising for the not-for-profit shelter. She loves contributing to her commmunity by saving the lives of animals, easing suffering, returning lost pets, and finding forever homes through adoption.

Sara de Maine Kearns, Tour Guide and Africa Specialist

Sara, who started her tour business, Travels with Sara, in 2009, specializes in private guided safaris throughout Africa. She personally escorts groups, or even a single individual, in off-the- beaten track adventures with an emphasis on conservation. Sara is also the author of several guidebooks on Africa and was recently featured in WomLEAD magazine.


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