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Experience the intrigue of a "social autopsy" firsthand by joining us in dissecting the Salem Witch Trial events through a chronological lens. Discover how interconnected threads wove together, ultimately leading to the disaster and exposing our once-held common knowledge as mere folklore and fairy tales.

Embark on a journey of exploration as we delve into this unique presentation, examining political unrest spanning two continents, tax maps, family ancestry, legal-historical elements, and a recurring mental health phenomenon that spans centuries. Be a part of this engaging exploration, as we delve deep into the authentic history behind the Salem Witch Trials.

Shannon Fisher is an active member of the Salem and Peabody historical societies in Essex County, Massachusetts. She is a self-professed "professional amateur historian” and an extensive focus on medieval history and disaster studies. In her role as a professional Emergency Manager with Orange County, she combines her 20 years expertise in disaster analysis from her time in the US Air Force with a unique historical framework.

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