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Here's the story behind RAOH:

In June of 2011, Joanna Mell was preparing to move to California.  As a parting gift, she decided to take her harp out into the little town of Perkasie, PA and just sit outside and play - at the local cafe (The Bread Box), the local restaurant, the bank, etc.  People were surprised and delighted!  We tend to forget that most people do not get a chance to see a harp "up close and personal", let alone hear one.  So Random Acts of Harping was born.  The main purpose and goal of Random Acts of Harping is for harpers and harpists of ALL abilities and ages to take their harps out into public and just play - to share the beauty of the harp and its music with the general public.  Random Acts of Harping started out with one person in 2011 and there are now hundreds of people in many countries all over the world participating in this fun event.
Penny McCulloch and Ann Carter-Cox will be on the Library's front patio to play music on their harps for all to enjoy.
In the event of rain, the event will be held the next day, June 4 at 2pm.
Room set-up