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Step into a timeless musical journey with Forever Young, where the sweet melodies of Oldies and Doo Wop from the '50s and '60s blend seamlessly with the unforgettable hits of the '70s. Consisting of six seasoned musicians, Forever Young brings together a symphony of talent and passion. Meet Stu, maestro on piano and vocals, accompanied by Barney who plays the electrifying lead guitar and soulful vocals. Bruce keeps the rhythm alive on drums while Ken adds a touch of magic with his saxophone and vocals. Joe's bass grooves anchor the sound, and Dave adds layers of enchantment with his synthesizer/organ and vocals. Join us for an unforgettable musical experience where every note resonates with the spirit of youth and nostalgia.

Funded by a generous gift to the AWPL Foundation by Glenn P. and Susan D. Dickes

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