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With each passing year athletic coaches are asked to take on increased leadership responsibilities for their athletes and team. However, they don’t always have the opportunity to receive the necessary coach-related leadership education and training that would provide them with the knowledge and tools required to effectively coach the team, manage the athletes and parents, and deal with any unexpected conflicts or tensions that arise during the season. This talk is designed specifically for athletic coaches to provide them with foundational leadership knowledge and teach them techniques they can use to practice the best leadership style and behaviors that align with their personal values and beliefs as well as to help coaches understand the impact their leadership choices have on the athletes they coach.

Dr. Matthew Raidbard has spent the past 15 years as a men's college basketball coach and senior level college athletics administrator. While pursuing his Doctorate in Educational Leadership, he conducted research on athletic coach leadership practice that led him to determine that coaches were not being provided the tools and resources required to take on the outsized leadership role they were asked to take on for their athletes and team. This discovery was the inspiration for his new book, "Lead Like A Pro: Effective Leadership Styles For Athletic Coaches," where he provides coaches, at all levels of sports, with tools to enhance their leadership practice and become more effective leaders.

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