T.B.R Reading Challenge!

2017 has arrived with  a new outlook for the coming year; a year that holds an incredible amount of new books and titles of unknown drama and adventure. Let this year be the spark  of new beginnings. Explore new destinies of unknown origins. I say, lets challenge ourselves to do something more for our own personal well-being. Create a book list from those shelves of books we want to read. Remember T.B.R. refers to “To Be Read” as in books we have a desire to once again open and read. By definition T.B.R. is a list of books, paperbound or virtual, that exist on shelves in our homes, libraries, or book stores; books we have a curiousity to read but may not had the time to do so. This challenge is set up to give us all an incentive to initiate our need to read those books that have been put off for so long.

This years TBR challenge is open to interpretation of your own decision. There will be a list of categories for each month for your added pleasure. Let this list help you in your book title or author decision of reading material for the month. My personal list will accompany the challenge categoriers to give readers an idea what I am reading. Hopefully, this will give you a thread of thought to somethings that may not be familiar to you. Which is why we should keep the challenge open and ongoing. Books are a great talking point. Feel free to make your ideas and reads known by posting on our library facebook page. Post the book title and author with a short comment (anonymously if desired). This way other people can view books that may not have been known to them.  So, if someone should ask you…..What is the TBR Challenge anyway?…….tell them it is a chance to read, read, read, as many books as possible without reason or guilt.

Happy Fall everyone. November is here; the leaves are falling; Halloween has come and gone; pumpkins are ripe and ready to be baked into a pie. Books are the best way to escape from our hectic daily routine. Lets create in our minds, the oasis where lists and schedules do not exist. Lets be carefree and happy in the greatest setting our minds can create. Grab a book! Read! Find your oasis! Books are your best friends: they are always by your side and they always make you smile. Continue on with the November book challenge: friend recommendations. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

October is here!!! The leaves are falling; the Fall season will be here soon. Let’s find time to unwind with a book of our choice and let happiness reign. The feel of the pages underneath the fingers tips sends joyous sensations up the arms and into the brain. Ohhh, the euporia of it all! This months challenge is a story with magic. Remember to make this fun; interpret the theme as you please. Magic can be woven into the story line, it can be part of the title, or it can be an image on the cover. Have fun reading!

As I sit here at my keyboard trying desperately to project inspirational motives to keep my TBR challenge readers excited about reading is a hard task to accomplish. Since my conversation is limited to  the screen of my computer, an immobile object without any inclination to indicate what my readers or followers are envisioning with their challenges, is somewhat harrowing. Am I expressing the correct words to keep them enthusiastic? Am I expressing my enjoyment in this challenge for my readers to connect with? Since my intermediary, this computer, is silent, I would like to create the fantasy in my mind that my readers are waiting with baited breathe on the next monthly challenge review. Adding to all of this, I would like to say that I have reached my personal goal of reading every book listed on this challenge.  And, my love of Manga continues to grow…Vampire Knight was GREAT!!! I also, completed the Ultra man series!!! I love Ultra Man!! This was quite the challenge for me to replete the my growing Manga list. So, again, I hope you feel my enthusiasm about the TBR challenge. I hope my love of reading extents to all of you. Be happy with a book! As I always say “Enjoy the read!!!!”. – TBR Educationist

July is now past with the month of August slowly at it’s start. This will be a busy month for everyone with the start of school as a prevalent thought in our minds and the dreaded realization that the freedom of summer is creeping away. UGH!!!! the unfairness of it all. Let us all stay strong with a book to give us strength and inspiration. August is the challenge of reading books that are from a series. It is your choice to read as many of those books as possible that belong to a series or perhaps readings the ones that you may have left off with. Interpretation is the name of the game as I keep reminding my readers. Have fun as the count down to school is now beginning!!!!!!!! 🙁

JULY is here!… Fun, fireworks, heat, humidity, air conditioning, ice cream and a good book title. Life is grand. Books can make life happy. Make sure to enjoy one this month while following along with our challenge. 500 pages of adventure, romance, science fiction or non-fiction awaits whilst you are on your travels during your summer odyssey.

OUR WINNER!! TBR (To Be Read) Book Bingo Winner: Shefa Rizvi with library staff member and Book Bingo designer Tina Brown.

For all my fellow readers, who enjoyed the TBR Book Bingo, thank you for your participation; making it a successful activity to kick off the summer. Hopefully, next time we can have another exciting, friendly meeting of the minds through books. Again, thank you! Remember  the monthly challenges are still ongoing. Find a restful time to relax with a book.

June is here and the summer season is upon us. Alot of us will be busy with vacations, hanging out with friends and  enjoying ourselves in ways that give us relief; finding avenues to escape from life’s stress count. If we train our minds to relax we can feel the joys that surrounds us. Findings ways to release life’s tension is the absolute reason for the existence of books. Find one…read one…live one….share many. This months challenge theme is “free styling” – your personal preference or escape, shall we say. Have a good summer everyone from the TBR Educationist.

April showers bring May flowers…..kerchoo! aaaaachooo! OOOPs, excuse my sneezes. My nose definitely knows spring is on the crest of blossoming fully into the nature of its purpose: making my eyes water, my nose drip and my sneezes endless, in other words, ALLERGIES! AAAh the misery of it all. However, to compensate for this awful state of being, I have my books to keep me hopeful that this inconvenience will end soon. As I sit at my computer and reflect miserably on the onslaught of my forthcoming torment I realize that the TBR challenge for May is upon me. I know RITA Nominees/Winners is the May challenge but, let us mix it up a bit more by saying the challenge can include any author that is an award winner of any distinction – nonfiction or fiction (click here for some award suggestions for literary works for nonfiction or fiction). Again, I will repeat myself…..all challenges are up for interpretation. Remember, as your tissue boxes become empty from constant usage (due to allergies), kindly reflect of on the best possible medicine for your unrest – a good book! Read those words on each page as your sneeze, sniffle and cough. I will commiserate with you as I do so myself.

April is upon us; engaging our spirit with a sense of freedom and willingness to take on new life adventures. We all were stuck in  our houses for the long winter months with our cranky moods and spirits, but now the sun is shining encouraging our minds to wake up to the blosoming world around us. Most of us will take to the outside world with our flip-flops on, a smile on our faces with no jacket or mittens or scarf to hold us back. Watch out world here we come! Yes, I can feel the love of being barefooted once again, my feet loving every single minute. But, let us not forget that adventure and fun and smiles do not only come from movement of muscles and limbs but from our minds as well. Remember, books are full of life that we may dream of living but books give us the experience to explore and to love anyway. So, in those moments of silence grab that book and explore life through works. TBR challenge for April is “PRETTY COVERS”.  Let’s consistently remember interpretation is half the fun with these reading guidelines. Everyones idea of “pretty” can be different. AND let me say, PLEASE make it different: whatever appeals to you on the cover can be the “pretty” aspect that satisfies the challenge. I will lead by example: 1) LUMBERJANES by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters, Brooke A  Allen. 2) Tokyo Ghoul by Sui Ishida……from these links you will see “pretty” is in the eye of the beholder…….Enjoy your read.

There is something new on the TBR book challenge page: it is the TBR Book Bingo icon. You will see it listed on the right in the menu section of the home page. When you click on it you will be able to print the PDF for book bingo. All the rules are listed on the menu as well as on the bingo card itself. More of these bingo cards will be available by the circulation desk and the help desk for those who are not able to print from home. When all your books are read and properly assigned to the correct bingo square, fill in the required information then turn them in to the circulation/help desks. You will then be eligible for the grand prize of a book lamp similiar to the one sitting in the nonfiction section of the library. Prize drawing will June 15, 2017. Now, the challenge is before you; put your best foot forward and let’s have fun reading with a little competition to spice it all up!! Enjoy!

March Madness Challenge: This months challenge is “Bargain Bin” reads. I for one love to visit old and used books stores wherever I go. In the mean time I also buy old and used books from wherever I go. Which brings me to this months challenge; bargain bin buys. Most book stores that I visit have boxes or shelves of titles that are removed from existing areas to make room for newer titles. Ahh, this is where I find some of my best reads. Either the books are free or sold for a very minimal price (I sometimes pay as little as a quarter – woo-hoo! for me). These are the books that I choose to make as our March monthly challenge. However, if you don’t have a book that fits into the challenge, just remember the challenge is about reading. So, for all purposes, read, read, read!!!!

From the TBR Educationist:

March: Yes! I did it! I completed March’s challenge. I really did not think I was going to finish my book this month. I was falling behind on my allotted time schedule. I was beginning to believe I may fail. I was feeling hopeless. I did not want to let my fellow readers down. Although, I can not lay fault with anyone else but myself; I let my attention be diverted by other books that passed through my hands. Let me share some titles with you that may or may not peek you interests: first off is “The Badass Librarians Of Timbuktu: hard core detailed history of the conflict in the middle east with a little bit of information about hidden archives concerning the development of politics, medicine, and culture throughout that area from documented records recorded from families then handed down by generations and hidden from public and how {although skimpy on details of how} the books were smuggled to places of safety where they would not be destroyed; second: MANGA series – Tokyo Ghoul – This is a good!! I was skeptical about this “ghoul” story but as it turned out I really loved it. My interpretation is Walking Dead-ish of Tokyo? Starting volume 4 asap; third – Swimming Lessons by Claire Fuller – for me this is a story of discovery of a daughter whose conception of her father and her mother is brought to reality. OK, done! This is my life for the month of March. Looking forward to April.

February: The challenge is going well for me. I not only read my challenge title: 3 A.M. Kisses by Addison Moore, but a second book as well: Ignite by Sara B Larson. One great read is always nice but two great reads is spectular. I loved both of these titles. 3 A.M. Kisses is a tell tale story of two people who have no need for romance but find themselves getting closer and closer to each other by circumstances. If you remember, the February challenge is luscious love scenes, and this is book does not disappoint. I read this book as an ebook from Amazon. Goodreads has it listed in book form. So, if you can find it I am sure you will enjoy it. The story was one I did not want to put down. As for Ignite by Sara B Larson. I love this series. Yes, it is a series. However it does fit into the love scene. It is not a luscious love scene type of book but the love and devotion betwen the main characters exists is in subtle words and situations. The book is an easy read with adventure. It is definitely not a total romance type of storyline but one that expresses deep friendship and loyalty among the characters. This book is a winner to me. I am waiting for the third book so I can read the conclusion to this trilogy. Check out the links for GoodReads for both of these titles.

January is getting off to a slow start with my title cahallenge of “Highland Jewel” by Terri Lynn Wilhelm. Maybe it is the aftermath of the holidays but, I must admit I haven’t started the book yet. I am hoping the coming weekend will be my savior and I will find some peace in my day hours to sit down with a book in my hand. I may be possibly suffering from withdrawals because I don’t have one near by. My hand that holds my book is cold and my hand for holding my tea is empty. Ugghhh! I must get myself settled and read my book! Keep your fingers crossed for me that my 2017 challenge will not be unfulfilled before it is even gets started.                                                                                                                                                                                             I am updating my progress for my 2017 TBR Challenge. Yes, my start was slow and rocky but I have come back with a vengence. I not only finished reading “Highland Jewel”, but I am currently reading “Wild Wicked Scot” by Julia London. Both of these books are first time authors for me which I have incredibly enjoyed reading. These books are about Scottish clans and their rivalry with each other, the conflict with wives and family and the interaction with England and France. Both books started slow but as the events unfolded my attention was not going to be swayed. I found every moment to read a paragrah or a sentence. This is how I am when a book becomes my obsession. Now, to change the course of my reading philosphy of books, I started to read a series of Manga, “Vampire Knight” by Matsuri Hino. This is a prime example of “new to author” on the book challenge. As I have previously said, the challenge is open to interpretation. I really love reading Manga as much as I love reading a good romance. So, take this example to open up your reading philosophy and step through that door with eyes wide open.

Once again I have read a book with a Scot as the main character. I guess this is my go to genre. If I see a book anywhere with a Scot on the cover I always gravitate to it. This time I read “Wild Wicked Scot” by Julia London. I left my review on the library Facebook page, so if you are curious you can check out my review there as well. But, I will say this, I was not overly pleased. With so much opportunity to create drama with the main characters, I feel the ball was dropped. For the most part I felt the plot was slow. However, the romance between characters was nice and pleasant and sweet. I believe others will find this book an enjoyable read but for me I wanted to have a little more action.

GOODREADS : 23 Highly Anticipated Books of 2017. Be sure to check this out for more information on “good reads”(pun intended) for this years challenge. Just a simply click on the bold GOODREADS or on the icon to the right. Enjoy fellow readers.