"The Unbroken Circle" - A Musical Perfomance by the Home Grown String Band

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The Homegrown String Band performs original acoustic arrangements of the traditional music that has become part of the popular roots and folk rock canon. All the songs the band presents have stood the test of time by not only surviving, but thriving and flourishing for hundreds of years via the folk process and oral tradition. Many popular rock bands were founded by avid listeners and students of traditional music. People like Jerry Garcia and Bob Dylan were very well-versed in American blues and bluegrass as well as the folk traditions of the British Isles. Likewise, The Homegrown String Band has drunk deeply from the well of blues, ballads, and breakdowns that have helped to shape the sounds of American popular music. In this program the band will be sharing their original interpretations of some of the traditional and early commercial recordings that have been covered by popular roots rockers from the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan to Nirvana and Led Zeppelin.

Fiddle Frenzy will open this concert.  This group of local Warwick student musicians play "fiddling" style on their violins, violas and cellos.  The Library is proud to present this next generation of musicians to the community.

This concert will held indoors in the Community Room.


This musical program is made possible by a generous donation to the Albert Wisner Public Library Foundation by Glenn P. and Susan D. Dickes.


Room set-up

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