Family Central: Adopting a Healthier and More Eco-Sustainable Lifestyle - Tips & Practices

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We are all attracted to idea of slowing down, living more simply, feeling a connection to the food we eat, and the Earth we share.  But how do we begin?  Join Anna Lopez to learn how we can affect positive change within ourselves, and in our own families. by taking a few extra steps. This presentation is for people of all ages and will include discussion about:

  • clean eating and green living
  • common environmental toxins 
  • common health-disrupting food additives
  • simple steps to living more sustainably 

Anna Lopez is a natural parenting and healthy living educator, babywearer, and an ex-engineer. She has a passion for helping people and a strong interest in nutrition, fitness, mind-body synergy, and birth.  Teaching natural parenting practices (such as babywearing, cloth diapering, elimination communication, and baby-led weaning) and guiding families into healthy living evolved into MindBodyBabie.​ Anna is a NASM certified personal trainer focusing on prenatal and postpartum training; hosts monthly mothers’ support/healing groups. She also runs the Lower Orange County, NY chapter of the Positive Birth Movement and is a volunteer babywearing educator with Babywearing International.

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